Corporate Introduction

Group Introduction

Coland Holdings Limited founded in China a decade ago. As a healthcare platform, Coland Holdings Limited focuses on global market, and our specialties include the developing and marketing of pharmaceutical and medical devices. Coland Holdings Limited utilizes our own unique business model to develop high quality, high efficiency and safe products; Coland Holdings Limited also considers creating significant value in healthcare industry as our responsibility. Coland Holdings Limited established remarkable sales network and market size since we lunched Dai Ding, a product for hepatitis B therapy, in 2005. In recent years, Coland Holdings Limited continually lunched new products, and now our pipeline include pharmaceutical for hepatitis, respiratory, cardiovascular, medical device and IVD reagents. Please check ‘’ for more information.



Rooted in China

The Company is rooted in China's medical market and committed to create the best medical platform between China and Taiwan.


Great Team

Our management team is composed of people having international and marketing working experiences. And that is why our team can bring the greatest value for the company.


Strong Competitiveness

Based on our solid knowledge and understanding about China’s healthcare industry, Coland can tell the trend correctly, and choose excellent partners to co-develop specialized medical products then bring the results to the market through integrating our resources.



Our Missions

  • To be the best parner for enterprises tending to enter pharmaceutical, medical device and IVD reagent's markets.
  • To creat the highest value of partners and products.
  • To bring the best returns for our employees, shareholders and society.

Our Visions

  • To grow together with brillient partners.
  • To establish the most valuable. biopharmaceutical integration platform.
  • To make a contribution to people's health.