Management Team

Our company emphasizes the importance of division of labor, and the coordination and cooperation between different departments. Below is a description of the main function of the main departments of Coland.


Functions of Major Department


Board of Directors Establish the Company’s business operation policies and objectives and appoint key managers for the execution of such policies
Audit Committee
  1. Assist the Board of Directors to review the financial statements and significant accounting policies.
  2. Audit the Company’s internal control.
  3. Procure accountants and other external experts for the audit and non-audit related matters.
  4. Meet regularly to monitor and listen to the internal auditor’s and accountants' reports.
Remuneration Committee
  1. Fix and regularly review the performance evaluation, and the remuneration policy, system, standard and structure of the directors and managers.
  2. On a regular basis, assess and fix the salary and compensation of directors and managers
Internal Audit
  1. Assess the potential risk on the financial and business activities and prepare the annual internal audit plan based on the result of the aforementioned assessment.
  2. Assist the Board of Directors to audit and trace improvement on irregularities and operational risk, and periodically report to the Audit Committee on the internal audit matters and financial condition.
  1. Execute resolution of the Board of Directors, manage all the Company’s affairs.
  2. Lead the team to achieve the Company's goals.
  3. Train up staff and set up an excellent leading team.
Sales Dept
  1. Based on the Company's annual overall marketing plan, fix the regional annual work plan, the budget plans the sales plan and sales target by year, quarter and month.
  2. Establish and lead the sales team to achieve sales targets. Analyze sales productivity and develop and enhance the productivity of the development plan.
  3. Formulate the strategy and goal for market development. Analyse market for the products and their competitive edge. Organize regional promotion and academic activities.
Marketing Dept
  1. Assist the CEO to make the Group’s strategy for development, be responsible for the Company’s short term and long-term policy and strategy, and assist the achievement of mid to long term goals.
  2. Establish business in the market and proceed with the relevant promotion, including enhance the management and progress, establish the market operation system.
  3. Analyze and forecast the sales market, grasp the trend of the market in order to provide the accurate information for decision making and develop sales market.
  4. Plan and manage budget for marketing activities, effectively and reasonably apply the budgets toward advertising and marketing activities.
  5. Be responsible for the daily operation of sales department, establish and maintain stable and competitive sales team.
Product Development & Registration Dept
  1. Control of law compliance in selection, projection and research of products and collect the latest domestic and oversee development for registration of products.
  2. Apply for product registration, registration for clinical trials and support registration related matters.
  3. Compile the information for imported products and apply for the registration.
  4. Select, project and research of the products; collect the latest domestic and overseas research development of the products the Company is paying attention to.
  5. Assess the markets, the sales forecast of products in research and development, prepare the pre-listing of products, negotiate and sign contracts for products to be licensed and prepare the listing thereof.
  6. Maintain business relationship with existed business partners and introduce new business partners. Ensure the production and quality of listed products.
Finance, Logistics, HR & Business Dept
  1. Manage finance, accounting and logistic operation.
  2. Maintain relationship with shareholders and investors and promote capital market related plans.
  3. In charge of HR and organization development and improve and plan operation flow and management system.