Integrated Solution

  • 開發與行銷
  • Product Development & Marketing
  • 高附加價值的產品
  • High Value Added Product
  • 一條龍服務
  • One Stop Service
  • 平台通路整合
  • Extensive Sales Network
  • 合作夥伴支援
  • Cooperation with Partners


Product Development & Marketing

Coland's development strategy focuses on the two ends of the "smiling curve" –development and marketing. We concentrate on developing and promoting high value added products, establishing excellent partnerships with top research institutes, and building a concentrated sales network in China. Our sales network penetrates into every corner of China, from cities to villages, so that we can effectively bring our results into China's pharmaceutical market, and create a high-tech pharmaceutical platform where the dreams of our partners and employees can come true.

High Value Added Product

Coland has three main product lines: pharmaceutical, medical device and IVD reagent. Our pharmaceutical line not only focuses on branded generics but also on innovative drugs; the products include respiratory, cardiovascular and oncology. In terms of medical device, we develop products related to orthopaedic, dental and ophthalmology considering the trends of diseases of civilization and aging society. About IVD reagent, we develop superior RNA diagnosis to provide a more efficient and convenient detection method with higher accuracy.

One Stop Service

We are proud of our one stop service ability which can provide clients many services including product development, product registration, clinical trial, provincial bidding and tendering, marketing and distribution. Coland’s strong service and management ability based on our experienced management team who are acquainted with China’s regulation in pharmaceutical industry and the demand of China’s healthcare business. Furthermore, we will introduce and bring the products to China’s market through our sales network with professional marketing and distribution.

Extensive Sales Network

There are over 400 professional sales representatives covering China’s 29 provinces business in Coland. Our business coverage in China has achieved 50% in level 3 hospitals and 30% in level 2 hospitals; in other words, the number of hospitals that Coland has covered is over 2,000, and we have over 8,600 doctors as our potential partners. In the future, Coland will continue to expand our sales network and deepen our channel coverage via M&A.

Cooperation with Partners

Based on our solid knowledge and understanding about China’s healthcare industry, Coland can distinguish the trend correctly, and choose excellent partners to co-develop specialized medical products then bring the results to the market through integrating our resources. In the future, we will continue collaborating with outstanding partners to launch new and high-quality products and expanding worldwide market together.

World-Class Partner